How it Works

Mind Body Motion’s Ramp Up Classes are made up of a total of six classes over three-weeks. Each class will take our clients through different movements, exercises, and skills necessary for optimal movement and provide the body with a solid base before entering into more advanced classes. In the sixth class, clients will participate in an assessment where they will demonstrate their understanding and execution of each movement. Upon passing this assessment, clients are able to join the more advanced Group Classes. If the trainer decides that a client is not yet prepared, that client is welcome to continue the Ramp Up classes until they are prepared to move out into the Group Classes. Clients who are unable to come to the required amount of Ramp Up Classes must schedule a one-on-one session for a discounted price to meet the six-class requirement in a three-week time frame.

Who it’s For

Everyone is welcome to join our Ramp Up Class! This class is specifically designed for beginners, meaning it is intended for new clients, clients who haven’t been in for a while and current clients who are interested in perfecting the level 1 exercises. The Ramp Up class is for people who want to start moving better, whether that is pain free movement, or training for something specific. By perfecting the level 1 exercises you will bring your body a step closer to optimal health and movement.

Program Curriculum

Mind Body Motion’s Ramp Up class package consists of 6 classes over a three week time period. If you are unable to make any of the class times, one-on-one sessions are available for a discounted price to make up for any missed classes. In the one-on-one session you will follow the same format as the class.

The Ramp Up class will focus on teaching clients the level 1 exercises, which include, squatting, lunging, pulling, and pressing. Before moving into Mind Body Motion’s more advanced Group Classes, clients must show understanding and ability to perform the level 1 exercises in the Ramp Up class. The trainer will decide if a client is ready to move up or if they should do another Ramp Up package. A client can also decide to stay in the Ramp Up classes if that is where they feel comfortable.

In the Ramp Up class clients will learn:

· How to perform self-myofascial release

· How to apply intra-abdominal pressure to create a solid foundation for movement

· How to properly perform a squat, lunge, row, and press

· Knowledge of how the body is supposed to move and why


The beginner Ramp Up class package costs $270, this payment is due before a client can start the classes. There is a one-on-one option available for clients who are unable to make the offered class times, or for clients who prefer to do a one-on-one program. The one-on-one sessions cost $90 per session for the clients who are looking to join the Group Classes after their 6 sessions. To change a Ramp Up Class to a one-on-one Ramp Up Session is an addition charge of $45 per session. The Ramp Up classes do not offer any discounts for other services at Mind Body Motion, unlike the Group Class Packages.

Ramp Up Class Schedule

The Ramp Up classes are offered Monday at 7:00 am, Wednesdays at 6:30 pm, and Fridays at 1:30 pm.

Frequently Asked Questions

WHY IS THE RAMP UP CLASS NECESSARY? CAN’T I JUST START TAKING CLASSES? Mind body Motion is unique in our training style. Our training style consists of integrated movements specially used to teach the body proper alignment and to relieve or keep the body from pain. At Mind Body Motion, we have a large emphasis on posture and form when doing our exercises. Our Ramp Up class is designed to give you the tools to properly perform movements to get optimal results and to help our clients stay injury free.

WHAT IF I MISS A RAMP UP CLASS? If a client is unable to attend the required 6 classes in 3 weeks they must schedule a one-on-one session with the trainer. All 6 sessions must be completed in the 3 week period, if a client fails to finish 6 sessions they must purchase a new Ramp Up Package before they are allowed to move to the more advanced Group Classes.

MY SCHEDULE DOESN’T PERMIT ME TO ENROLL IN THE GROUP RAMP UP. I’M MORE COMFORTABLE LEARNING NEW MOVES ON MY OWN. CAN I DO A PRIVATE RAMP UP? Definitely! Mind Body Motion also offers Ramp Up one-on-one training sessions for $90 a session. These sessions can be scheduled at a client’s own convenience.

WHAT IF I’M NOT READY TO MOVE TO MORE ADVANCED CLASSES? Our team at Mind Body Motion is committed to making sure you have a relaxed environment for you to learn the exercises without any pressure. If, after 3 weeks, you do not feel confident to start the more advance Group Classes, you are welcome to purchase another Ramp Up Package or purchase one-on-one session if you feel you need more of a personalized program. Our trainers can also make recommendations if you need extra help.

IS THE RAMP UP PROGRAM MANDITORY? Yes, the Ramp Up classes are mandatory for any new clients or returning clients unless a trainers gives a client the okay to join the more advanced Group Classes. Clients can either attend the Ramp Up group classes or they can train one-on-one with our trainers to fulfill the Ramp Up requirements.

Any other questions about the Ramp Up class at Mind Body Motion can be answered by calling (408) 778-5577 or email us your questions at

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